The 5 Best Electric Heated Blankets of 2020 – Complete Guide

best electric heated blanket reviews

When we say winter is just around the corner, then what’s the first thing that pops up in your mind? To keep yourself warm, right? Well, that is to be expected. Preplanning seasonal wearable, which is actually wise, is a way to make it easier to spend the winter with comfort and ease. Therefore, one of the things that is high on your Winter checklist is a Blanket which in this case is an Electric Heated Blanket. Therefore, it is the time to keep your bed warm at bedtime with pre-heat functionality and also to have long peaceful and uninterrupted sleeping hours.

Electric Heated Blanket Explained

An electric blanket is a blanket which contains integrated electrical heating wires. There are various types of electric blankets, few of these are; Underblankets, Overblankets, Throws, and Duvets.

An electric Underblanket is quite a common type of blanket used in the UK; where it is known simply as an Electric Blanket. The naming convention varies from country to country, in the US and Canada, it is known as an Electric Heated Mattress Pad. These blankets only differ when it comes to their names and nothing else.

An electric Overblanket is placed above the top bed sheet and is a very common type used in the US and Canada, where it is called an Electric Blanket.

The heated blankets are placed on the bed and their purpose is to pre-heat or keep the occupants warm in winter. Basically, an electric blanket has a control unit to adjust the temperature. Similarly, the bigger size or king size blankets are integrated with two control units, so that the temperature is adjustable according to the needs of a person on either side.

How do Electric Heated Blankets work? 

The mechanism is very simple and decent, much like a heater. You plug in the blanket; adjust the temperature you want and switch it on – that’s it. Electric heated blankets are insulated with wires. This is where the magic happens because when it is plugged in, it produces the heat and the temperature is then adjusted according to personal preference.

More importantly, the length of the cord can be a decisive factor. The nearer the bed is to the socket, the better the blanket performs. Because it has less chance of messing up the cords and the wires while sleeping or resting.

5 Best Electric Blankets Reviews

1. SoftHeat by Perfect Fit – Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket

SoftHeat by Perfect Fit electric blanket

The SoftHeat by Perfect Fit Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket is made of a soft material which gives it a nice, comfy, and cozy feel. The full size heated blanket has a safe low-voltage technology that keeps you warm while making sure you are safe. It operates on less than 25 volts; thus, remains non-hazardous.

The soft, plush fabric gives it top-notch quality. It is operated by dual controllers that are included with all SoftHeat Queen, King, and Cal King blankets, hence, allowing you to adjust the preferred temperature of either side of the bed.

Pros & Cons


  • It is made of an extremely soft material
  • The non-hazardous, low-voltage technology makes it the safest blanket on the market
  • There is a backlit display that displays the temperature in the dark
  • The wires are 5x thinner for ultra comfort
  • It has an automatic safety shutoff which gets activated after 10 hours


  • Expensive when compared to other options
  • When it comes to long-term usage, it doesn’t perform as well as some other blankets

2. Sunbeam MicroPlush Heated Blanket

Sunbeam electric Heated Blanket

The Sunbeam Micro Plush Heated Blanket is a good option for those who enjoy a pre-heated bed just before bedtime. The queen size electric blanket has a ThermoFine system that senses and immediately adjusts the temperature delivering constant warmth and comfort to occupants all through the night. And as a bonus, the blanket is made up of silky, soft material that’s easy on the body and is light to move within.

It comes with ComfortTech’s two control units for different sized blankets with digital displays and push-button controls. It has built-in 10 heating settings with an automatic shut off function. In addition to the controls, the thickness of the blanket is 4mm. The blanket is thin, easy to hold,  easy to rotate, and fold – without putting any extra effort.

Pros & Cons


  • Control unit is easy to use
  • The pre-heat feature that keeps the bed warm before bedtime
  • Sensors that deliver signals to adjust the temperature automatically
  • 10 hours of auto-off function to stay safe


  • The time-consuming and complicated process of drying makes it a pain clean
  • Narrower than other electric heated blankets

3. Biddeford Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

Biddeford Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

The Biddeford Comfort Knit Heated Blanket is 100% polyester with the added functionality of therapeutic warmth. This heated blanket comes in two sizes; Twin/Full size – consists of one controller and Queen/King size is incorporated with two control units.

The full size heated blanket is machine washable, so you don’t need to worry at all about spilling your favorite soda. Not only this, but it also has a reusable zipper bag which makes it easier to pack, store, and save for future use. The zipper bag also comes in handy if you are planning to commute to a cold place and want to take your blanket with you.

Pros & Cons


  • 5-year warranty by the manufacturer
  • Single and Dual control units with different sizes
  • Machine washable
  • 10 different customized heating settings available


  • The durability of the blanket is not up to par with the competition
  • Not so Plush

4. Shavel Home – Thermee Electric Blanket

Shavel Home – Thermee Electric Blanket

The Shavel Home Thermee Electric Blanket is 100% polyester. The material used is wrinkle-resistant which makes it quick and easy to wash and dry. The blanket is shrink-proof and provides long-lasting comfort on cold nights.

The control units have 16ft long removable cords. Moreover, the engineering and the design is so brilliantly done that it has 8 heat settings and 12 hours of a timer with automatic shutdown.

When it comes to choosing a size, depending upon the requirement, you can choose between Twin/Full and Queen/King with dual control units.

Pros & Cons


  • Dual control units for Queen/King and Twin/Full sizes
  • 8 different heat settings available
  • An option of automatic shutdown after 12 hours
  • 5 years of warranty by the manufacturer


  • Controls are complicated
  • The controller doesn’t have a backlight making it difficult to operate in the dark

5. Sunbeam Queen Size Electric Heated Blanket

Sunbeam Queen Size Electric Heated Blanket

The Sunbeam Queen Size Electric Heated Blanket is ultra-soft. It is only available in queen size. The queen size heating blanket is incorporated with ThermoFine heating system that senses the temperature and auto-adjusts it accordingly.

The blanket is machine washable. It can have up to 20 customized heat settings. The custom settings allow you to adjust the temperature to your preference so you can enjoy the cozy and warm sleeping hours. There is a 5-year warranty by the manufacturer. In case, it malfunctions during 5 years of use, you can claim the warranty with ease. Money Saved!

Pros & Cons


  • 20 customized heat settings
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Pre-heat options and sensors to auto-adjust the temperature
  • 5 years of warranty


  • The finishing of the heating blanket is not up to the mark
  • The wiring can be felt which makes it slightly uncomfortable

A Checklist Before Buying Electric Heated Blanket

  • Material Quality: Material Quality is an utmost priority because several other features rely on the fabric or the material used in manufacturing. This includes whether the material is soft, plush or rough. Moreover, determining the quality of the fabric is quite easy. When the finishing of the electric blanket is tidy, neat, and most importantly smooth, you can rest assured the material is of a higher quality. Also, pay attention to the thickness of the fabric.
  • Size: More often than not, there is a scenario when you like the product and the desired size isn’t available. So, before leaving for shopping, it is ideal to double-check the bed and mattress size, and also, in case you are lounging, this will help you to figure out the best possible option. Mostly, electric blankets are available in Twin/Full and Queen/King sizes.
  • Control units: There are various sizes of top-rated electric blankets. Twin/Full and Queen/King sized blankets come with dual control units. Therefore, anyone who wishes to stay warmer has an option to adjust the temperature according to desired preferences.

Technical Features

  • Cord length: It is very important to check the distance between the bed and the socket. This will give you an idea about the placement of the connector. When it comes to heating blankets, the length of the cord plays a significant role. So paying heed to it is as important as any other feature of the blanket.
  • Time: The utmost benefit of having an electric blanket is not to just keep you warm but rather the convenience it offers. The auto-shutdown or turn-off feature is often welcomed when you have the desired temperature and you don’t want to turn it off manually.
  • Heat Setting: This feature helps to regulate heat. Some electric blankets have 3 to 5 heat settings, while some have up to 20 heat settings. The customized heat settings give you an option to get just the right temperature.
  • Sensor: Most blankets have a sensing element that tends to adjust the temperature on its own.

Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance required vary from blanket to blanket. Some electric blankets are machine-washable and also dryable. But some are restricted to machine-washable only. And when the season is over, it is easier to keep the blanket in a foldable bag so that it retains its durability.

  • Safety Measures: Whenever any electrical element is associated with any of the material, it then becomes an obligation to take safety measurements. It is always instructed to unplug the wire when not in use and also, keep it out of reach of children.
  • Budget: It is always recommended to go with budget-friendly products. And also, it is wise to compare many products from different brands before making a decision

Aside from staying warm in winter, Electric blankets can be used for other reasons as well. For example, there are health benefits associated with Electric Blankets. These blankets are not limited to use in winter only.

Benefits Related To Health

Nowadays, many of us are dealing with health challenges. Medically, an electric blanket is a perfect remedy for stress, tension, allergies, muscles pain, stiffness, and joint pain.

  • Stress and Tension: In order to relax the body while sleeping, an electric blanket helps soothe you at night. It also provides you relief from stress and tension and helps you get proper sleep.
  • Allergies: These blankets are free from dust collecting materials. Therefore, there are minimal chances to suffer from any kind of allergies. Plus, using it from time to time kills up to 50% of dust mites.
  • Muscle and Joint Pain: Keeping yourself warm with low heat improves the flow of blood throughout your body. The electric blanket helps improve joint ache and pain as muscles tend to relax when put under such conditions.
  • Stiffness: We often hear about stiffness a lot in the winter. As we have said before, the usage of these blankets increases the flow of blood. The increased flow of blood will also help you regain flexibility and range of motion.


In a nutshell, purchasing electric blankets is an investment rather than an expense. A warm blanket can significantly improve the quality of your sleep, and if you sleep well, you will wake up fresh every single day! So, an electric blanket is an excellent investment towards your health as well as your comfort.

However, it is quite essential to thoroughly read the reviews and make sure you have your checklist in front of you while buying an electric blanket. Determining the aforementioned core elements will not only save you an ample amount of time but will also help you to have the best product at home.

Other than this, these blankets also provide tremendous health benefits. So, irrespective of age, anyone who wishes to stay warm should opt for one. Many people are unaware of the health benefits of this great year-round sleep accessory – especially for those like me who tend to sleep excessively cold.