Best Outdoor Patio Heaters of 2020

Best Outdoor Patio Heater Reviews

Are you annoyed with your outdoor heater’s performance the last time you hosted a party for your friends and family? Do you love to work on your patio, but your heating system fails you? Do your children love to play on your patio, but you are afraid of them catching a cold?
Well, we all have these worries because selecting an efficient outdoor heater is not the easiest task. Once winter kicks in, it is difficult to enjoy with friends and family and have good times together without a powerful heater that is also energy efficient so that you can enjoy partying, working, and relaxing on your patio without worry about your electricity bill. Whether it is for commercial use or for personal use, there are quite a few considerations to keep in mind before buying outdoor heaters.

How do Outdoor Heater Works?

Before making a crucial decision regarding buying the right outdoor heater, it is important to understand how they work. There are two basic types of outdoor heaters. The convection heater will work by circulating warm air into open spaces. Most outdoor electric space heaters use convection to heat a room. This is done by blowing air on a heating rod or element which then circulates and spreads warmth throughout. Radiant heater relies on electricity to power the infrared rods. The outdoor radiant heater will not blow warm air in a given space, but it works by directly heating objects or people in the surroundings. This radiant patio heater uses electromagnetic waves to transfer heat to the people and objects in the room. There are 4 fuel types for the outdoor heater. Namely; the propane heater, natural gas heater, electric heater, and the outdoor wood heaters.

The 6 Best Outdoor Patio Heaters Reviews

1. Fire Sense Patio Heater – Best Natural Gas Patio Heater

outdoor heaterYou won’t be feeling the winter’s chill anymore with this highly rated and best outdoor patio heater. Fire Sense is an acclaimed company, as far as outdoor luxury items are concerned. To add warmth and style to your patio and gardens, they have come up with a durable and stylish heater crafted from stainless steel. The best part for this backyard heater is that you can choose a color for your space patio the heater that is most suitable for your specific requirement. The outdoor patio heater propane comes with a comprehensive installation manual and it is a stress-free job to assemble it.

The best thing is that with wheels attached, you can easily move this outdoor patio heater for convenience. It comes with a powerful 46000 BTU’s of heat output that will keep you sufficiently warm. This natural gas patio heater works with propane gas and for a 20lb can, you can get uninterrupted heating for 10 hours straight. Moreover, by mounting a propane tank near its footing, you can assure that it remains stable. There will be no hassles in starting this propane patio heater as it features electronic ignition that makes it easy to fire it up.

This patio heater has a good height of 89’’ so therefore it supports heating for a widespread area of around 12.5 feet. For safety purposes, the burner is encased in two heating grids so that the flames wouldn’t harm you or your family. Furthermore, this best patio heater has an emergency switch to close it in case it falls over. With a protective brass covering, the manufacturers have made sure it doesn’t give in to rust. The aluminum hood at the top ensures that the heat doesn’t disperse and you won’t feel cold. It comes with a one year warranty. You can find a number of patio heaters for sale in the market. Below are its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a safety switch
  • Covers a large area with a decent heating system


  • Can be a little light in terms of footing
  • Slightly expensive

2. Amazon Basics Commercial Patio Heater – Best Commercial Heater

AmazonBasics Commercial outdoor heaterIn case you have a limited budget, opting for Amazon Basics’ patio heater is a great idea. Not only does it come in different finishes to decorate your outdoors in the latest fashion, but has good footing too. You can place heavy stuff like sand or water on the base to keep it balanced in windy conditions. With well-designed wheels at the bottom of the heater, mobility is no big deal.

If you are not so keen about using fire pits, this heater with its energetic 46000 BTUs output will keep you warm up to a distance of 18 feet. This stainless steel patio heater is It is constructed with durable steel with a powder-coated bronze finish which not only appears to be classy and elegant but is also rust and damage-free. You can simply operate it by connecting it to a 20-pound gas cylinder, and then switching on the button as it features the easy Piezo ignition mechanism. Set up the heating temperature of your bronze patio heater with a knob for a relaxing and comfortable outdoor leisure time.

Moreover, the commercial outdoor heater assures a steady heating system with no annoying noise while working. It stands at an impressive height of 89’’ and comes with a safety measure of auto shut-off tilt valve for emergencies.


  • Great Mobility with wheels
  • Sturdy and rust-free
  • Great Efficiency in terms of Gas usage


  • Too tall and therefore heat can disperse
  • No spare parts available

3. Mr. Heater MH18B – Best Outdoor Gas Heater

Mr. Heater MH18B reviewDo you require a safer option for a smaller space? Mr. Heater MH18b is highly efficient as it reliably regulates the heated flow of air to keep you warm in cold nights outdoors. It can keep spaces up to 400 to 600 square feet warm and toasty with its dual technology of convection and radiant heating fast. With an output ranging from 4,000-18,000 BTU, it will heat up your space to up to 60-70 F in 20 minutes if working on a high setting. You have the option to operate it at different temperature settings (Low, Medium, and High) through a knob to keep yourself comfortable.

Furthermore, you can easily set up the heater by connecting it to a 20 lb propane gas tank through a hose which will easily last for 2 weeks. However, note that a hose is not available so you will have to buy one yourself. The fans work with 4D batteries and will blow out heated air and keep the area warm. If you love traveling, you can conveniently carry this portable heater around as it comes with an easy-carry handle and strong wire guards that will protect it from damage.

The best thing about this portable outdoor heater is that it will automatically turn off in case of low oxygen level or while tipping-off/bumping against anything.


  • Great Portability
  • Well-constructed with strong and durable materials
  • Comes with hose storage


  • Medium Setting often causes propane smell to leak
  • The fan will run for lesser time on batteries on High-temperature setting.

4. Xtreme PowerUS Pyramid Glass Tube Heater – Propane Gas Commercial Heater

Xtreme PowerUS Pyramid Glass Tube outdoor heaterEnjoy the chilly fall with these aesthetically pleasing heaters. With a remarkable 40,000 BTU output, these will be your trusted companions in no time. This range of glass tube patio heaters is available in different beautiful finishes to match your outdoor space. The efficiency of the heater can be demonstrated by the ultra-quality single-tube quartz glass which offers a dual benefit of heating and a dazzling display of light. With the narrow and refined look, this outdoor space heater will be a thrilling fixture in your garden.

Once you set it up, it will require a propane tank for working. A 20 lb propane tank would last for 10 Hours while this heater is working on a high-temperature setting. You can visibly feel the heat as it starts to function for up to a diameter of 8’. You can adjust the heater with either low or high-temperature setting according to the desired heating needed.  In case you are worried about ceiling clearance or have to place it in a covered space, it requires 9 feet space while standing vertically. The company has made sure to cover all security bases with this portable patio heater and therefore it has been manufactured with hammered bronze.

It is made consumer-friendly with an auto shut-off safety tilt valve which will keep you safe from a fire hazard. The heater’s base and overall body is heat resistant and therefore, can be set anywhere. There is a separate cabinet for a propane tank at the bottom which neatly hides it while keeping the heater stable. Mobility comes easy with this heater as you can wheel it around safely wherever you need to position it.


  • Offers 1-year warranty
  • Easy to move from storage
  • Durably build with Stylish Design
  • Thermocouple and anti-tilt mechanism


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Heating large spaces might be a problem
  • Needs to be covered for keeping it safe in variable weather conditions

5. AZ Electric Parasol Patio Heater – Best Patio Electric Heater

AZ Electric Parasol commercial heaterIf you have been wary of gas leaking or smelling issues, you might want to shift towards the electric patio heater. AZ Electric Parasol Patio heater is an innovative solution that requires an electric outlet to perform a basic heating function. This wall-mounted electric heater will keep you entertained all year round. Since it will be safely mounted on a stand, you can be protected from any tilting accident. Moreover, you can operate it without harm even in tough weather conditions as it will be covered with an umbrella or a ceiling. The company also claims that it is water-resistant in rainy conditions.

The company has focused on making this outdoor electric heater easy to mount or take away. A clamp mechanism makes it convenient for the user to simply attach the heater to a pole or wall, by closing the clamp. Keep a distance of 2 to 3 feet from the ceiling or umbrella to be on the safe side. It can fit around a pole of 1.25’’ to 2.25’’ easily. Furthermore, when your outside electric the heater is not in use, you can fold the arms and close it. You might need an extension cord since it has a short power cord.

Conventionally, when you power it up, it will give you a heating output of 1500 watts. Unlike a typical outside gas heater, it offers three separate burners that can be set on variable temperatures to heat up the surroundings in minutes. This outdoor gas patio heater works ideally for small spaces as it covers a radius of 15’ effortlessly. With a tenacious body of steel and aluminum and a silver finish, it will be a tasteful addition to your outdoor area. These outdoor electric patio heater works harmlessly, protecting you from annoying or poisonous fumes of gas or constantly refilling gas tanks.


  • No dangerous emission
  • No hassle of filling gas tanks
  • Easy to mount


  • Short power cable length
  • Less powerful than a gas heater

6. Futura Wall Mounted Electric Outdoor Garden Heater

Futura Wall Mounted Electric Outdoor Garden heater
wall mounted electric infrared

Do you want to operate your heater from the comfort of your chair? Futura wall-mounted heater is created to let you enjoy a luxurious heating system without breaking conversations with friends or family. You can simply change the temperature settings with the help of a remote. This remote controlled heater has three different generous heat settings. You can easily get cozy in any weather condition by these garden heaters. This impressive device has a classy finish that will complement your patio or any outside space.

You wouldn’t have to worry about gas tanks anymore with this efficient heater. It comes with a power cable and standard plug so you can immediately install it and get it working. Just plug it to electric supply and it will start heating at once. With its highest setting of 2000 W, the infrared patio heater will give you an attractive glow and great heating. It is easy to install with a compact wall mounting kit and clear instructions with the package. The best thing about this wall-mounted patio heater is that you can even fire it up on a rainy night as it is weatherproof. The running costs are minimized with this outdoor infrared heater as it works for just 25p per hour. It has been developed to last for 5000 hours of decent heating with a Halogen heating mechanism.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Instant heating technology with an infrared element
  • Water Proof
  • Good value for money


  • Can’t effectively heat large outdoor spaces

Things to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Heater

Now that you have carefully seen our top picks for outdoor heaters, here are a few things to consider before buying a new one:

Surrounding Area: Before buying the outdoor heater, consider the size of your space and whether it is covered or not. For large uncovered spaces, you will need heaters that have large output and can keep you warm despite harsh weather conditions.

Weather Conditions: You need to be mindful of your weather conditions before buying an outdoor heater. Do you have moderate cool weather or snowy nights? Do you have to face windy conditions or constant rains? You need to buy an outdoor heater that will not only keep you amply warm in harsh winter but will work well irrespective of wind or rain.

Fuel Source: Be careful about buying either a natural gas outdoor heaters or electric sourced heaters. This is because both have different advantages and disadvantages. An electric heater can drive up your electric cost. On the other hand, the gas sourced heater will need to be constantly filled and might even emit the annoying smell of gas.

Safety: Outdoor heater can cause incidents if they don’t have safety measures. Also, look out for safety features offered by different companies and the ones that are most needed due to your specific usage.

Warranty and Customer Services: Your job will not end with simply buying the heater. Good customer service and extended warranty will assure that you will not have any issues in terms of installing or getting maintenance for your heater.

Design: Do you need a simple functional heater or an attractive one to enhance the look of your space? Design and build are important features that can make some heaters more appropriate for you than others.

Installation and Mounting: Some outdoor heaters are trickier to set and mount than others. Are there clear installation instructions available for the heater you are buying? Is it easy to get it working instantly? You must also consider different outdoor heaters according to your requirements. Whether a wall/ceiling/pole mounted heater is more appealing than a standing propane heater?

Manual or Remote Controlled Usage: Do you require operating the heater from afar or will you be comfortable with manually setting it up? Some of the latest heater models have the facility that they can be set through remote control for ease of use.

Ease of Use: Does the heater operate with a piezo ignitor button or potted circuit board? Is it easy to operate? Ease of use is the most important factor as you don’t want to end up frustrated with a complex procedure for starting the heater.

Always remember these things before buying a product. Reading reviews and being aware of the quality and features you are buying means getting what you needed on the money you are spending. Read also our Best Infrared Heater in 2020 [Reviews & Buyers Guide] to know about this product.

Safety Guide for Outdoor Heater:

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind while using an outdoor heater:

  • Don’t place the outdoor standing heater on uneven surfaces because this can cause them to topple over and cause a fire incident.
  • Before starting your heater, carefully go through the instruction manual for safe use.
  • Keep your heater properly maintained at all times so that it won’t malfunction.
  • Try and regulate the temperature settings that will keep your space warm but not too hot to cause any harm.
  • Turn your heater off when you are finished using it and unplug it and fold according to the instructions. Also, assure that you have turned off the propane tank valve and that it is secured from tipping.
  • Don’t keep any combustibles near the heater that might cause any danger.
  • Keep the heater away from the reach of children or animals that might topple them over or cause any burning accident.


Once you have seen the different types and features available in terms of outdoor heaters, it is not a difficult decision for you to buy the right one. A great outdoor heater will make you comfortable irrespective of tough weather condition, whether it is a cheap outdoor heater or not. Make sure to get which of these heaters that is most relevant to your needs and space requirement. We hope that our outdoor heaters’ guide for 2020 helped you in any way.

Whether it is for commercial purpose or for your own home, hurry and get yourself a great outdoor heater before winter arrives.

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