6 Best Point of Use Water Heater Reviews & Buying Guide

best point of use water heater reviews

There is nothing better than turning on the tap for instantaneous hot water from your taps and fixtures. If you are this kind of an always-on-the-go person, then you will love having a point of the use of water heater. Gone are the days where you had to wait for hot water to do your laundry, the dishes or just to take a hot bath. Having a Water Heater at home would speed up your daily house chores and leave you with ample time for other important activities, or just to sit back and chill. It’s time to make your routine life easier. Save yourself all the extra waiting and hassle, follow our guide and choose the right Point of Use Water Heater for your home.

However, finding the right one that meets all your needs is quite a daunting job. To assist you in this regard, we have developed this ultimate guide for you to make a well-informed decision when buying your point of the use water heater. Happy Buying!

What is a Point of Use (POU) Water Heater?

A POU or point of use water heater is a small-sized electric appliance that is for the purpose of delivering hot water on demand and into a single fixture of your choice. You can either install it for your kitchen sink or for your bathroom faucet.

The greatest advantage that a POU water heater has to offer is that it saves water as well as energy because it eradicates the delay in the delivery of hot water. The delay is associated with water getting hot before reaching your faucet, and it occurs due to the flushing out of the water from the pipes between your water heater and the faucet.

Types of Point of Use Water Heater

There are two types of these POU water heaters; one is tanked, and the other is tankless. Both these types work very well, and they have their own pros and cons. It all comes down to your personal choice as to which one you choose to cater to your needs.

  • Tanked POU Models

The tanked models work very similarly to the whole-house models. These come with a storage tank where the heated water is stored. These models are limited to the per hour amount of water they are capable of heating.

The tanked POU models have different storage sizes ranging from 2.5 gallons to 20 gallons. If you want to use this model for a single fixture where the demand for hot water is low, then a 2.5-gallon capacity will suffice.

  • Tankless POU Models

As these models don’t have any tanks, they don’t store any water. These models only operate on demand. You can measure their performance by GPM or gallons of water per minute that they can provide.  Most of these models come with a capacity of 2.0 – 2.5 GPM.

These models will make sure that you will never run out of hot water and for this reason, they are quite popular. To find the best model to meet your needs, you must find out the number of faucets and fixtures running at the busiest period in the day. This way, you will be able to find the GPM that all your fixtures need.

Bathroom Sink0.5 to 1.5
Kitchen Faucet1.0 to 2.5
Shower1.0 to 2.5
Dishwasher1.0 to 2.5
Clothes Washer1.5 to 3.0
Bathtub2.0 to 4.0

Things to Consider Before Buying

Here are some important elements that you need to consider when buying a point of use water heater.

Flow Rate

This rate is measured in GPM or gallons per minute. It is the amount of water that a unit is capable of heating at any time. This unit is specifically associated with the tankless units, and the higher it is, the better will be your water heater in terms of performance.

Temperature Rise

Another feature that is directly associated with the tankless models, the temperature rise is the number of degrees that a unit requires to increase the water temperature. The thing is temperature rise and flow rate are inversely proportional. This means that if the temperature rise is high, the flow rate is going to below.

Tank Size

Of course, this is the feature that is associated with the tanked models. It determines the amount of water that your water heater can hold. The bigger the tank, the better it is because you won’t run out of hot water quickly depending upon the consumption.

Recovery Rate

This is again a feature of a tanked version of POU water heater. It is the time required to reheat the water inside the tank. Recovery rate will be high for a large tank, but your unit will require high wattage as well.

6 Best Point of Use Water Heater Reviews

1. EcoSmart ECO 11 Water Heater – Best Point of Use Water Heater

EcoSmart ECO 11 Water HeaterEcoSmart constructed the ECO 11 tankless heater with advance technology that heats water quickly. Here water passes through the heating unit to heat up the water, instead of saving hot water like traditional water heaters. Therefore, the correct sized water tankless heater delivers continuous hot water on demand.

The compact design of the ECO 11 heater is perfect for small-sized apartments as well as point of use water heater for showers. This tankless heater has a flow rate of 2GPM that is best for a single showerhead. At the same time, a low flow of a valve also delivers quick hot water whenever you need it.

This electric tankless heater consumes 57 Amp and 240 volts and delivers hot water between 67°F to 105°F temperature which you can adjust as well. The best thing about the EcoSmart heater is that it saves space due to its tankless, wall-mounted design. It also saves money by cutting down the heating costs and saves energy because of its self-modulating technology.

Additionally, this is a lightweight tankless model that has dimensions of 11.5-inch x 8.0-inch x 3.75-inch, and it weighs 6.5 lbs. It is also a durable heater, and the company gives you a lifetime warranty. On the other hand, it is a much more expensive option and has a low GPM, which might not be suited even for a small home or apartment if the demand or water consumption is high.

Pros & Cons



  • Suitable for small-sized apartments.
  • The use of self-modulating technology reduces cost and energy.
  • You can adjust the temperature between 67°F to 105°F.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • It instantly delivers hot water.



  • If your water consumption is high, then it is not a good option because it only offers 2 gallons of water.

2. Bosch Thermotechnology Water Heater – Best Thermotechnology Water Heater

Bosch Thermotechnology Water HeaterBosch manufactured this point of using an electric water heater that comes with a mini tank. You can mount it both ways; vertically and horizontally. The vertically mounted heater supplies 7 gallons of water whereas; horizontal model supplies 5.1 gallons of water.

Additionally, a 7-gallon tank heater fits under the sinks easily and delivers hot water speedily when required.  Furthermore, the electrical requirements of the heating unit are 12 Amp, 120 volts, 1440 watts, and can produce 150PSI operating pressure.

You can control the temperature between 65-145°F according to water usage. This high-quality tanked heater has insulated with CFC-free thick foam that enhances energy efficiency and durability.

This point of use water heater is perfect for boats, RVs, basements, garages, kitchenettes, apartments, pool houses, and much more. The dimensions of this compact heater are 17.5-inch x 17.5-inch x 14.5-inch, and it weighs 29.5 lbs.

The best thing is that the Bosch gives you a 6-year warranty of heating unit and 1-year on the remaining parts. Except for vertical and horizontal installation, the compact size allows you to mount under or on the shelf, floor, and wall as well.

You just need to attach its line with cold water tap, and it directly starts supply hot water. However, its mini-tank made the Tronic 3000-T heater mode a bit heavy as compared to tankless water heaters.

Pros & Cons


  • You can install it in both horizontal and vertical way.
  • A 6-year heating unit warranty and 1-year part warranty.
  • Suitable for apartments, RVs, basements, boats, kitchenettes, and garages.
  • The tank comes with insulation of CFC-free thick foam that enhances durability and make it energy efficient.
  • The maintenance and installation process is straightforward.


  • It is a little bit of heavy heater because it comes with a mini water tank.

3. Ariston GL4S Water Heater – Mini-Tank Water Heater

Ariston GL4S Water HeaterAriston presents this point of use 4 gallons tanked water heater that delivers a more consistent and accurate supply of hot water without any delays. The heating unit of this advance water heater consumes only 12.5 Amp, 120 volts, and 1500 watts.

It is an energy-efficient option for you as compared to the traditional water heater. A knob has placed on the unit from where you can adjust the temperature between 65°F to 145°F. This mini-tank water heater has dimensions of 14-inch x 14-inch x 12.8-inches, and it weighs 17 lbs.

You can easily fit it perfectly on kitchen counters, RVs, and campers as an independent or in-line water source. No hard wiring is required in its installation. You just have to plug it into a standard outlet, and it will start working.

The best thing is that it comes with a valve of pressure relief, which delivers a great flow of water. The company gives you a limited 1-year warranty for parts as well as limited heat exchanger 6-year warranty.

In short, this is the best way to save money, energy, and water as well. If you have small to medium-sized kitchen than Ariston GL4S tanked heater is perfect for you. However, it does not work perfectly for some bigger kitchen, garages, and similar large spaces.

Pros & Cons


  • Energy-efficient as compared to traditional heaters.
  • 4-gallon tank for point of use such as sink, living room, and others.
  • You can enjoy the 6-year part and 1-year heating unit warranty.
  • Standard outlet to plug.
  • It comes with a pressure relief valve that provides continuous hot water without any delay.


  • Not a good option for a big family.

4. Thermoflow UT10 Water Heater – Undersink Water Heater

Thermoflow UT10 Water HeaterThe heater UT10 by Thermoflow is the true point of use hot water heater because you can install it under sink easily. You can use the heater for three applications; supplementary, a sole source of heating water, or an in-line buffer installation.

Additionally, the best thing is that you can select the temperature between 45°F to 167°F as your requirements. It provides two modes, such as frost protection and energy-saving modes. These are the reasons that we can say you can use this mini-tank water heater in any season.

The tank has made by stainless steel material, and heating system is foaming with EPS. Therefore, there is no maintenance needed. The mini tank can supply hot water quickly, and the capacity of the tank is approximately 2.6 gallons.

The heating system consumes 15 Amp, 120 volts, 1500 watt, and 150 psi operating pressure, which is the best energy-saving consumption. The dimension of this product is 18-inch x 12.2-inch x 11-inch and weighs 14 lbs. Therefore, this compact, advanced, and lightweight model is ideal for patio sink, garages, basements, attics, boats, and RVs as well.

The Thermostop technology automatically cuts off the electricity to prevent the heater from overheating. However, the one thing you have to compromise is that the company gives only a 1-year warranty.

Pros & Cons


  • The two modes, energy-saving and frost protection make the water heater unique.
  • You can confidently use it in any weather.
  • Compact and lightweight point of use heater.
  • Equipped with Thermostop technology, which provides overheating protection.
  • Stainless steel construction remains rust-free.


  • Only 1-year warranty.
  • The 2.6 gallons capacity is not enough for a big family.

5. ECO TOUCH Water Heater – Electric Water Heater

ECO TOUCH Water HeaterECO TOUCH manufactured many appliances with enhanced technology, attractive design, reliability, premium quality, and advanced features. Additionally, ECO TOUCH tankless electric water heater is one of them. It delivers endless and instant hot water with less energy cost and best thermal efficiency.

Moreover, the compact design is a perfect solution for bathroom sinks, kitchen, doctor’s offices, strip malls, and wet bars. The best thing about this model is that you can adjust the temperature according to your wish. The temperature range is about 67°F to 109°F.

A touch-sensitive digital display enhances the convenient level of use, and you can adjust setting with touch. ECOTOUCH point of use heater comes with multiple protections that strictly tested to ensure 100 percent safety. Those protections have approved by ETL as well as UL qualifies.

This point of use tankless water heater has not to store bulky water, which avoids rusting as well as bacterial growth. The heating unit of this electric heater consumes 30 Amp, 240 volts, and 5.5 kilowatts, which present energy-efficient heater.

It has 11-inch x 7.5-inch x 2.35-inch dimension and weighs 5.07 lbs that are the best suitable measurement for point of use heater. However, ECOTOUCH heater offers 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons capacity of hot water that is very less for households. Additionally, the company has not offered any kind of warranty to its customers.

Pros & Cons


  • Provides bacterial free and rust-free water.
  • A touch digital screen allows you to adjust the temperature.
  • Energy-efficient tankless water heater.
  • The compact design and size make it perfect for wet bars, doctor’s offices, sinks, kitchen, washroom, and strip malls.


  • The company is not offering any kind of warranty.
  • The tank capacity is very low.

6. Camplux ME25 Water Heater – MiniTank Point of Use Water Heater

Camplux ME25 Water HeaterCamplux point of use hot water heater comes with a mini tank that can store more than 2.5 gallons of water. When this water passes through the heating system, it delivers instant and endless hot water. Camplux ME25 heater is ideal for patio kitchen, RVs, boats, attic, wet bar, pool, basements and under your basin or sink.

No additional installation cost is needed because it is very easy to configure at required places. The mini tank comes with great insulation due to glass-lined, which enhances the durability and gives hot water quickly. The best thing is that you can control the temperature between 50°F to 140°F by using a dial that has placed externally.

Furthermore, the temperature is CSA listed, and a valve for pressure relief enhances the safety measurements. This tanked heater comes with an attractive design that allows you to install it in your living room. It has 1.75-inch x 17.25-inch x 10.38-inch dimension and 20 lbs weight.

The heating unit consumes 12 Amp, 240 volts, 150 psi, and 1440 watts that supply quick hot water. If you are not using a heater for multiple times then no need to drain water or unplug it, you just turn the knob to the position of snowflakes that keeps it safe against freezing.

The company gives you a limited 1-year heater warranty and 3-months part warranty. Nevertheless, the water capacity of Camplux ME25 heater is only 2.5 gallons, which is not suitable for a large kitchen.

Pros & Cons


  • Insulation has increased the durability and delivers hot water instantly without any wait.
  • You can adjust the water temperature from a dial between 50°F to 140°F.
  • The installation process is very simple and easy.
  • Turning the knob on snowflakes will protect the unit from freezing water.
  • You can enjoy the 3-months part and 1-year main unit warranty.


  • This mini-tank water heater offers 2.5 gallons of water capacity is not suitable for large-sized kitchen and bathrooms.


Overall, the EcoSmart ECO11 is the best point of use water heater because it provides hot water on demand whenever you need it. The self-modulating POU water heater delivers exceptional value because you can fix it anywhere you want.

Point of use water heater is very convenient, and they make sure that you never run out of hot water, particularly if they are tankless. So, which one of these have you used before and what was your experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

Best Point of Use Water Heater Comparison Chart



Power Source



Water Temperature






Electric 57A/240V



Up to 67°F

11.5" x 8" x 3.75"

6.5 lbs




Electric 12A/120V





29.5 lbs

6 year (Heater) &

1 year (Parts)





Adjustable (65-145°F)

14"x 14"x 12.8"

17 lbs

6-year (Heater) &

1-year (Parts)




2.6 GPM

Thermostop & EPS Foaming

Selectable (45-167°F)

18" x 12.2" x 11"

14 lbs

1 year




0.475 to 1.2 GPM

Adjustable (67-109°F)

11" x 7.5"x2.35"

5.07 lbs




2.5 GPM

Adjustable (50-140°F)

1.75"x 17.25"x10.38"

20 lbs

1-year (Heater) & 

3-months (Parts)


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