Best Tankless Water Heater Valve KitTankless water heater valves are meant to help simplify the installation, operations, as well as maintenance of tankless water heaters.

These valves are actually used to replace up to 18 fittings as well as 16 connections, which are typically used in the installation of tankless water heaters.

There is a wide variety of tankless water heater valve kits on the market, but some are of higher quality than others.

For this reason, there is need to know which brands are the best so that you can have get value for money once you decide to buy the product.

The following are some of the Best Tankless Water Heater Valve Kits on the market today:

Top Three Best Tankless Water Heater Valve Kit in 2018

#1 Webstone 44443WPR Isolator Tankless Construction

Webstone 44443WPR Isolator Tankless Construction ReviewThis is the most popular tankless water heater valve kit on the market today. This product comes with the following features:

  • It is lead free: This is because the product meets all federal and state standards for lead levels in drinking water system components
  • Has tankless water heater service valves
  • Has a residential pressure relief valve outlet -150 PSI/200K BTU
  • Has a high -flow hose drains- 500 WOG
  • Size: 3/4 Inch
  • Can be priced and sold individually or in cases
  • 4444 series – IPS Union x IP
  • Includes individually controlled drain outlets
  • Has a full port brass ball valves with adjustable packing gland
  • Has a manufacturer’s warranty on all components and workmanship
  • It is a Compact version of Webstone’s original Isolator EXP
  • It is certified to NSF/ANSI 61-8 and complies with the lead requirements of Annex G and AB1953
  • It allows quality installation of any tankless water heater
  • Has an easy 2-step union connection
  • Ideal product when renovating your bathroom
  • A very good product when it comes to isolating a water heater
  • The valves are made from heavy solid brass and are therefore very good quality products
  • Does not leak at all
  • Has a cold and hot side
  • The handles are easy to turn
  • Has a hi-flow hose drain
  • Fast shipping
  • Can fit a tight space
  • Gives very satisfactory performance
  • Is easy to clean with vinegar
  • Has a warranty on all parts as well as workmanship
  • Has the capacity to reduce leak paths
  • Diagnostic testing can easily be done by a single party
  • Easy system flushing and cleaning: You can clean the system without having to remove anything
  • Clear and easy to follow instructions on how to install the kit
  • Shipping is free (within the US)
  • Easy to maintain
  • They are a bit expensive
  • The overly large yellow valve handles make it a bit difficult to fit where there is limited space
  • The pressure relief valve does not seem to work very well according to some customer
  • The warranty is only valid where the valve kit is professionally installed and operated under normal conditions

#2 Noritz IK-WV-200-1-TH-LF Lead-Free Threaded Isolation

Noritz IK-WV-200-1-TH-LF Lead-Free Threaded Isolation ReviewThis product is manufactured by Noritz America Corporation and is a very high-quality product that is also easy to install and maintain. The product comes with the following features:

  • Rated pressure relief
  • Large handles for easy servicing
  • A manufacturer’s warranty on parts and workmanship,
  • It is easy to install
  • It is a high-quality product
  • Gives excellent performance
  • It only weighed 4 pounds
  • Certification: The product is certified as frustration –free
  • The compact all brass valve system has all the necessary on/off as well as maintenance ball valves that will help ensure that your hot water unit runs without electrolysis or impurities problems for a very long period of time.
  • Does not need additional adapters for pressure relief valve
  • Are designed to last for a long time. This is because they are made of solid brass
  • The product is reasonably priced
  • Comes with warranty on parts as well as workmanship
  • Is not associated with any leaks
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • A perfect product for new tankless water heaters
  • Can be shipped free within the USA
  • It is nicely finished and fits perfectly
  • Costs very little to install
  • If installed correctly, no leaks are experienced
  • Fits easily even where space is limited.
  • Some users complain that the hot water union fitting has a slow leak.
  • They need to be flushed frequently in order avoid problems with sediment
  • is not ideal to use galvanized pipes to connect these particular valves because it implies introducing problems that will affect the performance of the hot water unit over time. This will end up shortening the useful life of this product
  • The product is not eligible for international shipping.

#3 Rheem RTG20220AB Webstone Tankless Water Heater 

Rheem RTG20220AB Webstone Tankless Water Heater ReviewThis product is a hot and cold water service valve kit that is easy to install and maintain. It contains multiple valves and connections in a single part, thus allowing for easy installation and maintenance. It comes with the following features:

  • Service valves
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Has a very high rating with users
  • Clean brass that meets California Low Lead Codes requirements
  • Warranty on parts.
  • Free shipping within the USA
  • The valves fit all models of Rheem gas tankless water heaters
  • The hot and cold water service valves allow for simple installation as well as servicing through a combination of multiple valves and connections in one specific part
  • Makes acid flashing quite easy, thus ensuring there is no lime build-up
  • The valves are made from low lead clean brass
  • A high-quality product that gives great service
  • Has a long useful life because it is made of heavy solid brass
  • They are highly recommended when one is installing a tankless water heater
  • The pressure relief is easy to drain, thus making it quite easy to maintain the tankless water heater
  • The valves are designed to fit perfectly
  • The valves are ideal for use with tankless water heaters where only hard water is available because it is easy to clean the calcium build-up
  • You don’t need a separate drainage system because the valves come with an in-built drain
  • Gives great performance because the valve kit contains a shutoff, flush adapter with cover, as well as diversion valve. It is also a high-quality product that is also designed to allow for easy installation
  • Weighs 3.8 pounds only
  • The product has a nice finish
  • Does not leak, but if does, fixing the leaks is quite easy
  • Delivery is fast
  • Gives you all the connections you need while connecting your tankless water heater.
  • Some users say that the valves do not fit all Rheem heaters as the manufacturers claim
  • They are a bit expensive
  • May have a slight leak which can be corrected easily
  • One has to use a lot of Teflon tape in order to make all the connections and reduce leakages.

Things to consider before buying a tankless water heater valve kit 

Once you have made a decision to buy a tankless water heater valve kit, you should ensure that it meets the following requirements:

  • It is important to ensure that the valve kit you are intending to buy is compatible with the type of tankless water heater that you have.
  • It should ideally meet all federal and state standards for lead levels in drinking water system components.
  • Should have a manufacturer’s warranty on all its components as well as workmanship.
  • Should be easy to install and maintain.
  • Should be manufactured by a reputable company
  • Should be a durable product: Essentially, the kit should be made using the strong material such as brass.
  • Should be reasonably priced.
  • Should contain a pressure relief valve.
  • Should ideally have fewer connections in order to reduce the time and cost of installation.
  • Should be of the right size for your tankless water heater and also have front-aligned handles. This is to allow for easier positioning of the valve kit even where the available space is small.
  • Should ideally have an integrated drain valve because it allows for quick and easy maintenance of the valve kit.
  • Should ideally contain a captive nut and washer in order to reduce the risk of component loss during installation.

Final Verdict

Tankless water heater valve kit is a must for anyone who is intending to install a tankless water heater. First and foremost, these valve kit help make the process of installing tankless water heaters very easy and inexpensive.

In addition, they are associated with a lot of benefits for their users. They are compatible with various different types of tankless water heaters, meaning that they can be used widely. When it comes to cost, they are reasonably priced considering their quality and functionality.

Most users have rated these products very highly, with most of them giving them a 5-star rating. They are also solidly made and durable, meaning that you will use for a long period of time. Most of these valve kits also come with a warranty on parts as well as workmanship.

As a matter of fact, these valve kits are actually the perfect match for all tanks-less heaters. The most important thing is to ensure that you buy the right size and type of valve kit that is compatible with your tankless water heater.

Essentially, these products are worth their cost and will give excellent service for a very long period of time. You need to invest in one and experience great satisfaction with the excellent service it will provide for you.

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