Why Tankless Water Heaters Are Gaining Popularity?

tankless water heater success

Tankless water heaters are slowly gaining its popularity among the people in the US. Although it has been widely used in different countries, there are many who still use the traditional type of water heating which requires a tank.

The change in tide and the increasing acceptance of tankless water heaters may primarily be due to the evolution of modern living spaces and well as a more significant need for convenience and energy efficiency.  Today, we are more conscious about how much energy we are using in our day to day appliances and how we can minimize waste and maximize our savings.

Tankless water heaters, or sometimes referred to as continuous flow, instantaneous or on-demand water heater has been proven to deliver a lot of advantages to its users. And although it may require you to spend a bigger amount the first time you install it, the benefit will last for a long time.

tankless water heaters popularity

Tankless Water Heaters – Beginning of a Revolution

At London in 1868, Benjamin Waddy Maughan- a painter, first realized the necessity of tankless water heaters. In the continuation of the realization, he first attempted to invent such a thing. And eventually, he partially succeeded. He invented the first instantaneous water heater. He named it after ‘Geyser’ – an Icelandic gushing hot spring. Still, in many countries, the term Geyser is used to address tankless water heaters. After that, the concept of tankless water heater never looks back and we have found the current era of tankless water heaters.

How do Tankless Water Heaters work?

Unlike the traditional water heater wherein you need to have a tank that will hold the hot water and wait for it to be used. Tankless water heaters are totally the opposite. This instantaneous water heater works by instantly heating the water that flows into the device as you turn the tap on. Users will have a constant supply of hot water and no need to save them on the tank first which might be inconvenient for long-term use.

The electrical heating coil makes the water hot as it goes through and is only turned on when in use. This is because tankless water heaters have flow sensors which make it energy efficient as well. This avoids the possibilities of getting leaks and operates better compared to the other.

Installation of Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater installationThese particular type of water heaters are usually installed near where the water is to be used such as showers, kitchen, sinks or any other place inside the house where a source of water is required.

Because of this, users will be able to save energy as it eliminates the need for the water to go through a long line of pipes in order to get heated water.

Due to its popularity, tankless water heaters are not limited only to the use of electricity as some runs on gas as well. Compared to storage tanks, tankless water heater use less space and does not require the need for buying huge tanks in order to maintain an amount of water that you have to reheat every now and then.

This definitely saves energy consumption especially for electric operated. On the other hand, using a gas unit requires an exhaust vent. Depending on the size of the building would also determine the size of the vent which will definitely use more energy eventually.


  • Energy Saving
  • Long Life Usage
  • Less Space Required
  • Continuous Water Supply
  • Easy to Maintain/Repair


  • Cost of the Heater and installation process
  • Limited Water Output

It is the truth that tankless water heaters are gaining popularity. But the point is, how fast? Well, the rate is slow. Here are some considerations that defy the fast growth of tankless water heaters.

Selecting a tankless water heater will require some considerations when it comes to its energy efficiency, size as well as warranty. Some brands are more trusted than the others while a more expensive price may also follow. It is always best to have your house checked before shifting to tankless water heaters.

For older houses, there might be a need to upgrade their power source as these types of water heater will require more electricity in order to supply hot water for every unit in the house.

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