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We charge $30 for a guest post as a one time fee for each post.

Are you a regular blogger or just someone who loves to share home heating information?

Great. At last, you are at the right platform to explore your thoughts. Submit your awesome guest post and get 1 dofollow backlink. We, at Theheatersguide, aim quality over quantity. You might be happy to know that we accept a guest post that is related to home heating and heaters. So What are you waiting for? Scroll below and check the terms and conditions that we maintain strictly.

What Kind of Posts We Are Looking For?

We love to collaborate with creative content writers. We are looking for people to provide high-quality content related to home heating. We aim to present the best advice and tips for all heaters related topics. Kindly visit theheatersguide.com and click on the menu to see all we have to offer so far.

Contact [email protected] for verification of your chosen topic.

What You Need To Do

  • The post must be unique, not being copied from any other resources under any condition. Theheatersguide will not be held liable if you are copyright infringing.
  • We won’t accept spam articles. Also, links to low-quality sites will get an immediate rejection.
  • The article must be well spelled, grammatically error-less one.
  • Must use SEO tips to improve visibility in Google or any search engine.
  • It must have at least 1000 words length. In rare cases, shorter/longer posts may be allowed.
  • We will not use any images or videos provided by the guest post author. The Heater Guide will provide all of the images for your post.
  • Please note that we will try to limit edits to your post as much as possible. Whenever possible you may be asked to edit it yourself. However, we do reserve the right to make changes to your post to suit our site.

How to Submit

You must agree to our Agreement as part of the submission process.

You agree to link back to your article from a post or page in your website

Here is the email to submit your article. You can ask your query here.

Email [email protected]

Write the email subject as “Guest Post Theheatersguide”

Please DO NOT contact us to request the status of your submission. If your piece is selected, you will be notified prior to publishing with the date we intend to publish.